More evidence that cars are losing their “necessary” status.

As time goes by it seems that car seats are becoming more and more neglected, as technology advances the need for a car decreases, especially for the youngsters out there.

A couple of weeks ago we read about how despite an increase in car registrations in 2013, cars are becoming less and less of a necessity in the modern world. This conclusion came about after a study found there are %20 fewer young people learning to drive now than there was five years. This isn’t surprising when you consider how much money it now costs to own a car with fuel prices constantly on the rise, servicing prices and ever increasing insurance in car

The overwhelming nature of the “online world” is now treading on the toes of the automobile, after a survey released by Zipcar has shown that those of us between 18 and 34 years old will face more disruption if we were stripped of our phone and laptop, than our cars. A number of reasons contribute to this theory, for example it is no longer necessary to socialise in person, eliminating the need to travel, playing Fifa online with a group of mates can be more enjoyable than a night in the pub, it’s a lot less expensive and there is no need for a car.

New cars are especially at risk, as saving is becoming more of a priority more people are looking to used cars for a way of transportation.