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There are many things to think about when considering the purchase of a new vehicle. Which make and model do you go for, and what type of car is right for you?

It can be a stressful time as there is a lot of money involved and a lot of decisions to make. One of the most important of these is whether to choose a car which takes petrol or diesel.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both, and it will often come down to personal preference, but to help you in your decision here are our top five advantages to buying a diesel model over a petrol one.

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Fuel Economy

The price of fuel has risen dramatically over the past decade, so it is important to make savings wherever possible, particularly for high mileage drivers. A diesel vehicle will actually deliver significantly higher fuel economy than a petrol car with a similar sized engine. If you’re never too far from your Ford Mondeo, a diesel one will be cheaper to run.

Environmental Impact

Generally diesel models are a lot more environmentally friendly than their petrol counterparts. Their engines emit much less CO2 per kilometre on average, and in turn this equates to less road tax. So not only will you be doing Mother Nature a favour, your wallet will be a little heavier. For more on the environmental impact go to


We all know that servicing and MOTs are annual occurrences and can cost a fair amount of money, so it is important to save on them. There are no spark plugs to change in diesel vehicles so you might find that servicing can be done for cheaper (if you need to find a deal on an MOT or service in your area, you can at


Because diesel engines run at lower revs, they don’t need to work as hard as petrol ones and as such their life is often preserved for significantly longer. Due to this you won’t need to pay for replacement car spares as frequently as you might with a vehicle which runs on petrol.


There was a time when diesel engines were thought to be very slow and noisy, but not anymore. Vast improvements have been made to them and they are now often mistaken for petrol ones.


Young People Favour Phones Over Cars

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More evidence that cars are losing their “necessary” status.

As time goes by it seems that car seats are becoming more and more neglected, as technology advances the need for a car decreases, especially for the youngsters out there.

A couple of weeks ago we read about how despite an increase in car registrations in 2013, cars are becoming less and less of a necessity in the modern world. This conclusion came about after a study found there are %20 fewer young people learning to drive now than there was five years. This isn’t surprising when you consider how much money it now costs to own a car with fuel prices constantly on the rise, servicing prices and ever increasing insurance in car

The overwhelming nature of the “online world” is now treading on the toes of the automobile, after a survey released by Zipcar has shown that those of us between 18 and 34 years old will face more disruption if we were stripped of our phone and laptop, than our cars. A number of reasons contribute to this theory, for example it is no longer necessary to socialise in person, eliminating the need to travel, playing Fifa online with a group of mates can be more enjoyable than a night in the pub, it’s a lot less expensive and there is no need for a car.

New cars are especially at risk, as saving is becoming more of a priority more people are looking to used cars for a way of transportation.


Cars, Not Crisps!

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Hello and welcome to my site, A Blog About Crisps!

I realise the domain may be somewhat confusing for people, as my blog is in fact not about crisps at all! Or any other salted snack for that matter!

It is in fact about automobiles and automotive news – the reason for the misleading title is my name, Max Crisps.

I am passionate about cars and motorcycles and have been ever since I did my work experience at Cleckheaton Car Servicing, and the purpose of this blog is simply to share some of my views with the world and supply the average person with a take on the latest automotive news from around the globe.1347435981

I hope that you will enjoy reading my posts, and you might just learn a thing or two!

By the way my favourite car, for those who care to know, is the Maserati Quattroporte.